How to Become More Involved in Your High School

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Do you want to make a difference in your high school? Do you want to be noticed? This article discusses many different ways for teens to become involved in their high schools.
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If you're interested in making new friends and making the most of your high school experience, consider becoming involved in several activities. Extracurricular activities can help you make connections with other people and develop a sense of school spirit. If you're planning to attend a university or a college, many admission officers look for students who participate in extracurricular activities. Here is a list of activities to consider:

Student Government

There are several positions available in student government, including president, vice president, secretary or treasurer. Some schools have these positions available for each grade level. On the other hand, other schools have one student government which is open to all the students.

Students who hold these positions are often involved in planning social events for the school, such as school dances or senior trips. Since these positions are limited, it can be an impressive addition to your college application. Students who are best suited for these positions have strong leadership, communication and organization skills.


Clubs are often the most popular way for students to become involved. They vary from school to school. Many schools offer a wide variety of clubs. These clubs can be focused on school subjects such as a foreign language, science, etc. They can be based on serving the community. Some nation wide clubs who are actively involved in the community such as Key Club (

Other clubs focus on helping other students. Best Buddies ( is a nationwide organization that encourages students to work with other mentally handicapped students. Most clubs, however, are geared toward student interests. One may, for instance, join a chess club, film club or even an comic book club.


Schools usually provide drama and music programs. Sometimes these programs work together to put on performances. If you're interested in a music program, you can choose from various different types of bands or orchestras. Some schools offer jazz bands, marching bands and many other types of bands.

A student can also join an orchestra. He or she might choose between an all-strings orchestra and one that includes wind instruments, such as the oboe or clarinet. Music groups are interesting ways to become involved in school because you're able either learn how to play an instrument or refine your skills. One who has a voice might consider joining a choir. Choirs, like bands and orchestras, are diverse.


Sports are another common way to become involved. Schools offer a variety of sports, including swimming, rugby, field hockey, tennis, lacrosse and golf. The most common sports are football, soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, track and field and cheerleading. Through sports, one can develop strong friendships with other team members. One can also develop a sense of confidence and drive. The training and practices involved in sports shows how dedicated the student is.

These are a few of activities that are often available at schools. Your school may have other programs to consider, like peer counseling or tutoring.

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