How to Study for the GED From Home

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Most states allow potential GED candidates to study from the comfort of home. Read below for some hints and resources on how to study for the test from home.
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How to Study for the GED From Home

Many people who are contemplating taking the GED to earn a High School Equivalency Certificate have a number of commitments beyond studying for the test, such as jobs, families or other obligations that may require quite a bit of their time. This is why enrolling with a community college for a course in GED preparation may not seem like a very good idea for some. Luckily, there are options to study from home for the GED.

Studying from home for the GED may be ideal for many candidates. This option provides flexibility, freedom of time management and the ability to focus as much as you need on any given section of the exam.

There are many ways to prepare to take the GED exam. For example, the GED Testing Service offers a Marketplace ( with a variety of test preparation material, including practice tests, workbooks, online learning programs, and mobile study apps.

You may also find GED preparation books at local libraries or bookstores; however, you will need to make sure the prep material is current to the latest version of the GED exam.

Taking advantage of the ability to access so many different things with the Internet, including free online GED study tutorials, may help you to fully prepare for the GED test and to receive your High School Equivalency Certificate.