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Learning about Interior Decorating involves the study of how to arrange furniture and match colors and styles to create a pleasing living or work space. Once a student earns an Interior Decorator Diploma they are prepared to work as an interior decorator. The coursework for this diploma is as follows: furniture styles, history of design, fabrics and textiles, decorating from building plans and interior design theory and practice. More information can be found by reading the rest of this article.
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Why Earn an Interior Decorator Diploma?

If you have always had a talent for arranging furniture or creating spaces for work or living areas, which are pleasing to the eye and effective, then you may already be on your way toward a career as an interior decorator. This diploma teaches not only the basics of interior decorating and design but also basic business techniques necessary to run a business. It enhances and hones your abilities so that you may be able to open your own business.

Career Possibilities

Occupational Outlook for an Interior Decorator

The BLS predicts that jobs growth in the area of interior design (for interior decorators) will be about average, 9-17%, over the coming years. Individuals entering this field will find it competitive. Formal training and artistic ability will help your chances of finding employment. Jobs for Interior Decorators increase and decrease as the economy goes up and down.

Salary information for an Interior Decorator

The website,, has salary information based on national averages for a variety of careers. Their reports indicate that an interior decorator can earn between $27,008 and $43,976 per year. Some interior decorators, such as those with their own business or who have been in the business for a number of years, can earn up to $90,244 per year.

Degree Specifics

Coursework for an Interior Decorator Diploma

The classes a student will need to complete to earn this degree will teach them how to decorate offices and homes and all manner of interior spaces. These decorations will be for both beautification and utilitarian purposes. This diploma requires the following courses to be passed:

  • Designing Furniture
  • Working with Textiles
  • Decorating with Fabrics
  • Using Building Plans for Decoration
  • Designing Interior Spaces
  • Matching Colors
  • Visualization
  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • Lighting Techniques and Design
  • History of Interior Design and Decorating

Skills Learned with an Interior Decorator Diploma

Once a student passes the necessary coursework to earn an Interior Decorator Diploma that student will be fully prepared to decorate homes and offices. Graduates of this program will have the following skills:

  • Designing Furniture
  • Building Plan Reading
  • Room Decoration
  • Residential Design
  • Office Space Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Color-matching and Fabrics

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