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Interior designers work designing spaces for homes and offices. An Interior Design Diploma teaches the skills needed so that a student can enter a career as an interior designer or an architect (with additional education). The courses required to receive this degree are as follows: theory of design, building interior construction, interior space planning, history of design and room detailing. For more information about this degree please read on.
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Why Earn a Diploma in Interior Design?

If you have always wanted to help people design interiors for their offices or homes, which are both pleasing to the eye but practical and useful, then a career in Interior Design might be for you. What you will learn by earning this diploma goes further than just decorating a room. You will learn design techniques to create an atmosphere that enhances a room and allows for practical use. The Interior Design Diploma prepares a student to work for a design firm, with architects and even start a business of their own.

Career Possibilities

Occupational Outlook for Interior Design

A Diploma in Interior Design prepares a student for a career as an interior designer. Interior designers can also become architects with additional education. The Occupational Outlook Handbook foresees average growth in the area of interior design. The field of interior design is competitive. Anyone thinking of entering the field may do better if they specialize in niche areas or designing using the latest in technology. Green and ergonomic design are anticipated to be growth areas in the field.

Salary Information for Interior Design

The website,, has salary information based upon national and local averages for a variety of careers. Their reports state that an interior designer usually earns between $27,008 and $43,976 per year. Those who take their design degrees and become architects they can earn between $27,587 and $43,030 per year.

Degree Specifics

Courses Required for Interior Design

Coursework for an interior design diploma teaches students the techniques required to successfully design interior spaces. The classes required for this diploma may include:

  • Design Theories
  • Applications in Interior Design
  • Designing Interior Spaces
  • History of Interior Design
  • Interior Space Planning
  • Research Methods
  • Computer Design Methods and Applications
  • Landscaping
  • Architectural Methods

Skills Learned for Interior Design

A graduate with a diploma in interior design will have the skills needed to design interior office and residential spaces. The skills received with this diploma include:

  • Interior Design Theory Knowledge
  • Creative Skills
  • Communication Skills (written, visual and verbal)
  • Budgeting (time) Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Management of Interior Spaces
  • Basic Architectural and Engineering Knowledge
  • Interior Space Planning and Design
  • Interior Project Management
  • Computer Knowledge and Applications
  • CADD Skills
  • Reading Blueprints

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