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What will you learn in an internet programming associate's degree or training program? Read about associate's degree and training program requirements, the pros and cons of an associate's degree or training program and potential careers.
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Internet Programming: Associate's Degrees and Training Programs at a Glance

Completing an associate's degree or training program in internet programming can lead to a career as a web developer, computer support specialist or webmaster. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the education requirements to work as a web developer range from a high school diploma to a bachelor's degree. Therefore, training or an associate's degree in internet programming could prepare you for this career. The BLS also states that most computer support specialist positions require some college, but not necessarily a degree.

Job opportunities for web developers and related careers are expected to increase. The BLS indicated that employment opportunities for web developers, security analysts and computer network architects are projected to increase 22% from 2010-2020. This projected growth is due to the anticipated increases in ecommerce.

Training Associate's Degree
Who is This Degree For? Individuals interested in an entry-level career as a web developer or computer support specialist Individuals interested in working as a web developer or webmaster
Common Career Path (with approximate mean annual salary) - Web developer, information security analysts and computer network architects* ($78,000)
- Computer support specialist* ($48,000)
- Jobs for associate's degree holders are the same as those for training program graduates, plus:
- Webmaster** ($44,000)
Time to Completion Approximately one semester Approximately two years
Common Graduation Requirements Coursework Coursework
Prerequisites - High school diploma or GED scores
- Some programs require that applicants be proficient in web development or possess an associate's degree in web development
High school diploma or GED scores
Online Availability None available at this time None available at this time

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2011 figures), **PayScale (December 2012 figures).

Training Programs in Internet Programming

Typically, schools offer training in internet programming in the form of a certificate program. Graduates of these programs may receive a Certificate of Achievement or Certificate of Specialization. These programs require the completion of several courses and may be completed in just one semester.

Pros and Cons


  • Short time for completion
  • Curricula often include instruction in multiple programming languages, such as Pearl, JavaScript, SQL and Oracle
  • Sufficient for some entry-level jobs


  • Some programs may be designed for individuals who already possess an associate's degree or are proficient in web content development
  • Webmaster job positions may require an associate's degree
  • Programs do not include general education courses, which could give you foundational knowledge about business and communication

Courses and Requirements

Internet programming training programs teach you how to create and maintain a web presence. You will learn about programming procedures and specific programming languages. Some of the topics you may study include:

  • Visual Basic.Net programming
  • Red Hat academy system administration
  • Enterprise data warehousing
  • C++ programming
  • Web page authoring

Online Degree Options

Currently, certificate programs in internet programming are not available online. Broader computer programming options are available online but these programs are not specific to internet programming. Some individual courses in procedures or programming languages may be offered. Attending an in-person program allows you to obtain hands-on experience working with multiple programming languages.

Stand Out with This Degree

To stand out with your degree, consider attending a program that includes coursework in databases. Since databases can be used to establish and operate web pages, being knowledgeable about them may impress potential employers. You may also consider additional courses specific to other programming languages to make yourself more marketable.

Associate's Degree Programs in Internet Programming

Associate's degree programs in internet programming may be offered as an Associate of Science in Programming for the Internet or Associate of Applied Business with a concentration in internet programming. These degree programs provide instruction in the artistic and technical aspects of creating and running web pages. Similar to training programs, associate's programs teach you about specific programming languages.

Pros and Cons


  • Curricula include internet programming and general education courses
  • May be transferable to a 4-year college if you want to earn a bachelor's degree
  • Open up more career options for you


  • Degree is not necessary to work as a web developer or computer support specialist
  • Take longer to complete than training programs
  • Online programs are unavailable

Courses and Requirements

Associate's degree programs normally take two years to complete. These programs include general education courses in math, English and communications. Internet programming-specific classes may cover topics like:

  • C++ scientific programming
  • Web sites with SQL and PHP
  • Web design: Dreamweaver
  • Programming logic
  • Using an HTML editor
  • Internet technologies and concepts

Online Degree Options

Internet programming associate's degree programs are not currently available online. As with training programs, you may find relevant online courses. Attending an on-campus program allows you to use the school's computer equipment and programming software so that you gain hands-on experience programming web pages.

Stand Out with This Degree

Similar to individuals who complete a training program, you should consider attending a program that includes instruction in creating and maintaining databases. Knowledge in this area may impress employers. You may also seek additional courses in specific computer programming languages.

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