Is a High School Diploma Better than a GED?

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It is important to consider the ups and downs of a diploma or GED certificate before enrolling in a specific program. Depending upon your personal circumstances, a high school diploma or GED may be better for you.
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A high school diploma is not necessarily better than a GED, though it varies. In order for students to pass the GED, they have to understand the same material as a student who is taking classes to receive a high school diploma. Employers and officials at higher education institutes emphasize the importance of what the student has learned - not the actual physical document of the diploma. The diploma is a simple representation of all that education.

Some exclusive colleges and most employers do prefer a high school diploma; however, they associate a GED with an inability to succeed in learning environment. This may not always be the case, but the negative stigma has remained for many.

That said, according to, 97 percent of colleges and employers accept the GED credential. The GED boasts 20 million success stories; so, despite what might appear to be a 'negative stigma', obtaining a GED can be a boost to your academic and professional future.

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