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Human Services Ph.D. programs help students develop the knowledge needed to solve and prevent problems faced by people in need. A Ph.D. in Human Services is a good degree choice for anyone who wants to work towards helping others by entering careers like substance abuse counseling and domestic violence prevention.
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Basics of a Ph.D. in Human Services

The field of Human Services focuses on providing support to people with special physical, mental and medical needs. Most Ph.D. programs in Human Services take about five years to complete and may require applicants to hold a masters degree. Human Services Ph.D. degrees may be available in specializations like substance abuse and domestic violence. Many Human Services Ph.D. programs take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and incorporate instruction in areas like sociology and law into their curricula. Typical courses in a Human Services Ph.D. program may include group dynamics, substance abuse psychology and legal ethics.

What Can I Do With a Ph.D. in Human Services?

The Human Services field includes a wide range of professions with the common purpose of assisting people or preventing certain social problems. Human Services professionals can have job titles like probation officer, alcohol abuse counselor, caseworker, mental health advocate and abuse prevention instructor. Human Services Ph.D. program graduates can also work as policy advisors for government offices or as researchers for private research and development firms. Academic careers like teaching or research are an option for Human Services Ph.D. program graduates. A Ph.D. is also a good choice for established Human Services professionals who want more specialized knowledge in their field.

Economic Outlook for Careers Related to Human Services Ph.D. Degrees

Salary ranges and job prospects for Human Services careers generally depend on factors like employer type and applicant experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Human Services assistants earn median annual salaries of $25,580 and should expect excellent job prospects in the near future ( The Bureau of Labor Statistics also says that counselors should have excellent future job prospects and median annual salaries of $47,530 ( Graduates of Human Services Ph.D. programs may have an advantage in applying to higher-paying jobs because they might be considered better qualified than less educated applicants.

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Grand Canyon University

  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Social Work (Advanced Standing)
  • M. S in Nursing: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: Adult Gerontology

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Northcentral University

  • MS - Child & Adolescent Developmental Psychology (MSPSYCAD)
  • Master of Social Work

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