Professional Pastry and Baking: Career Diploma Summary

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By combining theory and practical applications, a degree in Professional Pastry and Baking will teach you the fundamentals of baking and pastry to prepare you for a professional career working in a bakery, pastry kitchen or other baking and pastry products business . Typical coursework for a professional pastry and baking diploma often includes: breads, cakes, culinary measurements and sanitation. Read on to find out more.
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Reasons to Earn a Degree in Professional Pastry and Baking

By completing a Professional Pastry and Baking Degree program, you will be able to prepare of variety of baked goods for customers, clients, or even just your family! You will learn the basics of baking and graduate prepared to handle a variety of customers' baking requests. Students may even choose to go on and earn a degree in Culinary or Hospitality Management once finished with their Professional Pastry and Baking program.

Professional Pastry and Baking Career Possibilities

Occupational Outlook

Because of its popularity and variety of professional options, the fields of pastries and baking are quite competitive, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics sees a good job outlook. Advanced training and experience will be helpful when looking for a career in these areas.

Salary Information

According to, in March of 2007, the average annual salary for a pastry chef in the U.S. was between $37,000 and $60,000. Those who went on to become executive pastry chefs averaged anywhere between $55,207 and $144,804 a year.

Professional Pastry and Baking Degree Specifics

Course Requirements

General course requirements for Professional Pastry and Baking Degree students include math, communication and composition. You may choose to specialize in certain areas during your program as well. Specific courses may include:

  • Breads
  • Cakes
  • Culinary Math and Measurements
  • Health Codes and Sanitation
  • Pastries

Skills Learned

Students will leave this program with the confidence and professionalism needed to work in the baking and pastry industry. Skills acquired during this program include:

  • How to be creative in design concepts
  • Preparing foods to client specifications
  • Knowledge of the hospitality and culinary industries and how they work together
  • How to bake breads, cakes and pastries

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