Professional Photography: Career Diploma Summary

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Professional photographers are needed all over, in all areas of business. From advertising and magazines to personal portraits and weddings, the options for professional photographers are nearly endless. As a student in a Professional Photography Diploma program, you will receive specialized training in concepts of imaging, lighting, composition, and basic camera functions. Upon graduating from your program, you will be able to work in a variety of different areas or choose to become self-employed. Read on to find out more.
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Reasons to Earn a Degree in Professional Photography

A degree in Professional Photography gives graduates the technical skills to succeed in this ever-changing, artistist field. A diploma in Professional Photography gives graduates a competitive edge over those who may not have formal training in the subject.

Professional Photographer Career Possibilities

Occupational Outlook and Demand

The field of professional photography remains highly competitive as more and more artist folks pursue their interest in this area. The occupational outlook for professional photographers is good, with those who are able to adapt to changing technologies enjoying the most success.

Salary Information

As posted by, photographers in the United States earned an average salary of $31,630 during 2004. Photographers who are self-employed tend to earn slightly lower salaries than those who are employed full-time by outside agencies.

Degree Specifics for Professional Photography

Coursework Required

Students in a Professional Photography Diploma program should be prepared to take the following courses:

  • Business Concepts for Photography
  • Computer Imaging Documentation
  • History of Photography
  • Lighting and Composition Techniques

Skills Attained

Students will learn the skills to succeed in the field of professional photography from basic camera operations to computer skills. Additional skills acquired in this program may include:

  • Dark room functions and use
  • Business skills
  • Basic camera equipment use
  • Techniques for digital photography

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Grand Canyon University

  • BA in Digital Film - Screenwriting
  • BA in Digital Film - Production

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Full Sail University

  • Master of Science - Film Production
  • BS - Film (Campus)
  • Film and Video Certificate (Campus)

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Penn Foster High School

  • HS Diploma

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