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Whether you are currently studying for the GED, or still debating whether or not to take the test, you probably are wondering how the test is graded. This article answers the question of how they grade the GED.
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GED Scoring Information

The 2014 GED Test uses raw score points that transform to a common scaled score metric. This scale is 100-200 points, with 150 as the passing standard. With this system, the number of questions is no longer relevant, and all questions are not each worth one point. Two drop-down selections for one question, for instance, would be worth two points.

There is also no longer any average passing score.

With this scoring rubric, a higher score on one section of the test does not influence other parts of the test. The 150 point passing standard reflects the minimum score needed to pass each section of the test; higher scores in one section cannot be added to another section to boost the score in another area of the test.

Passing Requirements

There are four sections on the GED exam: language arts, science, mathematics and social studies. In each of these sections, the minimum score needed to pass, according to the GED Testing Service website (, is 150. Thus, a total passing score on the four tests would be 600. For career and college readiness evaluation, a score of 170 or over is needed. This results in a score with Honors.

As of January 2014, this scoring standard is adhered to in all states that administer the GED.

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