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A Sound Technology diploma can prepare you for a career in the recording industry where you may find work as a recording engineer. Coursework in subjects such as sound theory, audio electronics, audio technology, and acoustics will pave your way to a dream job where you could find yourself working with the stars! Read the following article to find out more.
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Why earn a diploma in Sound Technology?

If you love music and would like a career in the recording industry, a diploma in sound technology will give you the necessary skills you need to seek employment as an audio engineer, producer, or programmer. If you are a musician, the skills you learn will help you to function more effectively as a performer and/or composer.

Career possibilities

The recording industry is a rapidly changing one, and one which gets more technically complicated all the time. Your diploma in sound technology will qualify you to work as a trained recording engineer. Recording engineers are masters of the new recording technology and know how to produce the best quality sound in any recording situation.

Occupational outlook

The 2006 Occupational Outlook Handbook ( expects job growth in the sound engineering field to increase by 9%-17% through the year 2014, as new recording technology requires skilled, trained technicians to make use of it.

Salary information

The median annual salary for sound engineering technicians was $38,110 as of May 2004, according to the latest data compiled by the 2006 Occupational Outlook Handbook ( The highest-paid sound engineering technicians, however, earned upwards of $80,450 per year.

Coursework requirements

  • Basic sound theory
  • Studio Equipment and Signal Processing
  • Audio Electronics
  • Professional Recording Studios
  • Live Sound and Musicianship
  • Digital Audio Technology
  • Audio Post Production
  • Digital Audio Editing
  • Acoustics
  • Mastering and Remixing

Skills you will learn

The sound technology course of study will keep you up-to-date on all the newest recording techniques, as well as giving you a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of sound and sound production.

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