Summer School: Getting the Help You Need in Math

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Attending summer school can help struggling students get caught up in math. This article discusses several options one can consider.
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Summer School Options

If you've fallen behind in math during the regular school year, summer school might help you stay afloat. Summer is a great time to review the concepts you've just learned because they're still fresh in your mind and you can still remember what concepts were causing you the most trouble. By catching up now, you'll have a better foundation for upcoming math classes. Here are several types of summer school options to choose from. They may vary depending on your area.

Traditional Summer School

Many schools provide summer school for students who had problems passing certain courses. The number of courses may be limited depending on how much funding your school has. You may even be able to work with a teacher that you've previously had class with. It also allows you to take courses with other students who you may be familiar with. It can be comforting going to summer school at your own school because you know what to expect. It may be easier to find transportation as well.


Meeting with a tutor at least once a week can help prevent the brain from turning to mush. If you prefer one-on-one help, tutoring might be a better solution for you. Your parents can schedule a tutor to come to your home or they can have you meet with a tutor at a learning center. If you would like to work with other students as well as a tutor, you could ask to be enrolled in group tutoring. These classes will be much smaller than traditional summer school, which can have up to 30 or more students in a class. Tutoring groups are often made of five to ten students depending on the size of enrollment and number of tutors on staff.

Specialized Summer School

Some summer schools are similar to technical schools because they specialize in specific subjects. Some areas have schools that specialized in math and science and many of these schools are hosted by private institutions. You may have to apply in advance. Those at College Board ( say that these programs can be as competitive as entering a private high school or college.

Online High School

Many online high schools also provide summer school for students. This option is best suited for students who may have trouble with transportation and have access to a computer. If you decide to choose this option, you need to be self-motivated and disciplined because you're entirely responsible for the work you complete and the progress you make. You'll be able to communicate with teachers and other students via email, message boards, and other online forums.

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