TV and VCR Repair: Diploma Program Summary

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A diploma in TV and VCR Repair from a trade school or community college will teach you all you need to know to pursue a career installing and repairing home entertainment systems. Some of the courses you will take as you prepare for this career include soldering, circuit analysis, RF and signal stages, and chroma and luminance. Read the following article to find out more.
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Why study TV and VCR Repair?

If you like to fix things, and are even good at fixing tricky things like television sets and radios, you might be a natural for a career in TV and VCR repair.

Career possibilities

Electronic home entertainment systems, such as television and VCR/DVD systems (combo units are very popular these days, as many people still have large collections of videocassettes) and home and portable gaming consoles, are a central feature of most homes. Although people may not be inclined to send cheaper units out to be repaired, the larger, more expensive high-definition and wide screen TVs and integrated home entertainment systems are prone to malfunction and when it comes to a system they've invested thousands of dollars in, people definitely will call in a qualified, trained TV/VCR repair professional. You may also find employment (or be self-employed) fixing up those smaller, cheaper discarded units for sale as 'reconditioned' ones.

Occupational outlook

Demand for TV/VCR repair technicians is expected to increase less than 8% through the year 2014, according to the 2006 Occupational Outlook Handbook (, but many job openings will occur as other technicians retire or leave the field. With the training and background you will receive through your studies, you will be a good candidate for such openings and should enjoy a long and profitable career in electronic entertainment repair. (Best of all, you can create your own state-of-the-art system for next to nothing!)

Salary information

According to the 2006 Occupational Outlook Handbook (, the median salary for TV/VCR (and other electronic home entertainment equipment) installers and repairers was $13.44 per hour when last reported (in May of 2004).

Coursework requirements

  • Electric Principles and Circuit Analysis
  • Amplifiers and Transistor Analysis
  • Soldering
  • TV monitor principles
  • Deflection and Power
  • TV RF and Signal Stages
  • Chroma and Luminance

Skills you will learn

You will learn to install and repair television sets (including digital, hi-def, and flat screen TVs), VCRs, and DVD players as well as troubleshooting and repairing computer monitors and electronic game systems such as Playstations and Gameboys.

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