Tips for Managing Your Schedule in High School

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Between schoolwork, clubs, jobs and social time, managing your time can be quite a challenge in high school and beyond. Here are some tips that may help.
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Time Management Tips

Mastering a few time management skills early on can help make your high school schedule easier to handle. This strategy is particularly helpful if you are involved in extracurricular activities, such as volunteer work and an after-school job. These activities will look good on your college application and building strong relationships and learning how to get along with others is as much a part of high school learning as books and teachers. There are lots of commitments to balance, so here are some tips on how to get it all straightened out.

Using a Planner or a Calendar

A planner or a calendar is one way to help you stay organized. A planner is helpful because it can fit in your backpack and you can take it wherever you go. This planner could be a PDA or a regular planner and can be purchased anywhere school or office supplies are sold. When using these time organizers, make sure you only write down tasks that you can realistically accomplish. Writing down too many tasks can make you feel frustrated because you may not feel like you're accomplishing what you need to do. Use your planner to plan ahead as far as you can, so you can try to organize your schedule around tests, quizzes, volunteer assignments and work.

Making Commitments

When trying to balance extracurricular activities with school work, the professionals at College Board ( emphasize that schoolwork should always be your first priority. Being involved with your school or with your community can help build your confidence, but your main occupation should be learning. If you're concerned about being appealing to college admission officers, they will look at your grades as well as your amount of participation. In order to schedule your academic schedule around your other activities try to plan your class work schedules in advance, start of with only a few hours of work, so you can know what you can handle and tell your employer what your schedule is like and try to work on a compromise together.

Make Time for Yourself

While planning your schedule to accommodate all of your activities, make time for yourself. This time may include spending time alone or spending time doing what you like to do. You may take some time to go out to the beach or sit and read. You could also make time to spend with your family or friends. It's important to set this time because you need to relax. If you don't take time to relax, you can become irritable and eventually burn out. Try to schedule at least one day a week for you to take time away from homework, work and volunteer work.

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