What Will Taking the GED Do for Me?

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Taking and passing the GED may help you to further your education or obtain a better job. These opportunities are possible because the GED is equivalent to a high school diploma.
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If you have often wondered what alternatives to a high school diploma are available, then you may wish to consider researching the GED. The GED, otherwise known as the General Educational Development test, offers people the chance to demonstrate academic proficiency that is equivalent to a high school diploma. Preparing for and successfully passing four subject tests (language arts, math, science and social studies) together add up to a GED credential.

Roughly 40 U.S. states make use of the GED test to award a high school equivalency credential (the remaining states offer other equivalency options). Earning a GED from the education department of your state can open doors to more educational and employment opportunities. Most community colleges and technical schools accept students who hold a GED in the absence of a diploma, and 4-year colleges might as well.

Regarding employment, many employers are more inclined to hire people with a diploma or diploma equivalent over those with neither. Having a diploma equivalent may also help you to earn a promotion or a raise with your current position. In fact, although traditional high school graduates do earn more than GED holders, the U.S. Census Bureau shows that GED holders earn more annually as compared to those who hold no diploma.

Deciding to pursue a GED may be a very wise choice, not only to further your academic knowledge and show perseverance, but to give more promise to your future.

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