What to Expect on GED Test Day

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Preparing for the GED is just part of the process of taking the GED. GED test centers have admission rules as well as test taking rules that must be adhered to. This article describes what GED test day will be like and how to prepare for it.
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What to Expect on GED Test Day

Regardless of the location you take the GED test at, you will have to register before the actual exam. You can do so by going to the GED website, ged.com, and creating a MyGED account.

Be sure you arrive at the testing center in plenty of time before the test starts -at least 30 minutes is a fair amount. Be warned that if you arrive late, you may not be admitted into the test and your fees will be forfeited. At registration, you will be asked for some form of identification. This is particularly true for states that require test takers to be residents of that state, as an ID will be used for proof of residency.

In most cases, a photo ID such a driver's license as well as a Social Security card will be needed. Other forms of ID, such as a leaner's permit or passport, are also generally acceptable.

The GED test is very strict in its standards. You will be photographed at the test center and the test session may be videotaped. Two signatures could be required of you - one before the test and one after. Naturally, you will have assigned seating. Be sure to eat and drink before you take the test because there is no food, drinks or tobacco allowed in the testing area.

Also, take note that no teaching aids are allowed. This includes wrist watch calculators, highlighter pens, books and electronics (cell phones included). The only exception is a handheld TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator, which is permissible for use on the second part of the Mathematical Reasoning portion of the test. If, however, you do not have your own calculator, one will be provided. The test takers provide everything else you need, including the test, scratch paper and a pencil. If you have a problem with your computer when you take your test or if you have a problem on the test itself raise your hand to get the administrator's attention.

If you are dismissed from a test session, you will lose your exam fee and have to wait to be eligible to take the test. This time frame varies from state to state.