Kean University

Kean University Admissions and General School Information

Kean University's campus is located in Union, New Jersey. The institution offers bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree programs in art, science, business, education and humanities.

General Information about Kean University

Kean University was originally founded in 1855 in Newark, New Jersey. In 1958 they moved the campus to its current location in Union, NJ, where it gained the status of 'University' in 1997.

Today, the school has a student population of about 13,000 and offers 50 undergraduate degree programs and 31 graduate programs spanning four colleges. The university stays connected to its students through multimedia channels and has its own student-run radio station, cable TV station, and even a live webcam that looks over the campus grounds.

Admissions and Enrollment Information

Those looking to apply to Kean University must submit an application form electronically through the admissions page on the school's website. Students must also send in a secondary school transcript showing that they have completed 16 college preparatory courses along with SAT or ACT scores, an application fee, two letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Colleges of Kean University

Humanities and Social Sciences

Kean University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences allows students the option of choosing from ten different undergraduate degree majors, seven master's degree programs and a single doctorate degree program. The college also offers two professional diploma programs - one in therapy and the other in psychology.

Business and Public Administration

The Business and Public Administration College at Kean University offers its students seven undergraduate degree programs and three master's degree programs across its six departments. The college also offers students the option of internships at companies relevant to their fields of study in order to enhance their learning process with real world experience.


The Kean University College of Education offers students the option of seven undergraduate degree programs and seven master's degree programs. Additionally, a teacher certification program is offered to aid students in the official certification process in the state of New Jersey.

Natural, Applied and Health Sciences

Kean University's Natural, Applied and Health Sciences College offers the bulk of Kean's undergraduate programs. Students can choose from 27 different degree program options as an undergraduate, plus seven master's degree programs as a graduate student.

School of Visual and Performing Arts

The School of Visual and Performing Arts has five internal departments. Across all five, the school offers undergraduate students 13 degree program options and a single master's degree program in graphic communications. The college also has teacher certification programs for majors in speech and theatre, fine arts and music.

Nathan Weiss Graduate College

The Nathan Weiss Graduate College handles the application process of students looking to advance their education by going into a master's or doctorate degree program at Kean University. The college does not actually have programs of its own; instead, it handles the affairs of all graduate programs offered by the other departments in the university.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1000 Morris Ave., Union, NJ 07083
  • Phone Number: (908) 737-5326