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Liberty University

About Liberty University

Liberty University was founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell in 1971 as the Lynchberg Baptist College. The school's name was changed in 1984.

Liberty University enrolls more than 60,000 students pursing over 70 different degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Liberty University has been accredited since 1980 by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Admission and Enrollment Information

Students interested in applying may complete an application online or contact the admissions office directly. All applicants must submit an admissions essay for consideration. Either ACT or SAT scores are also required. The school will waive the application processing fee for needy students.

Liberty University Academic Departments

School of Aeronautics

Students in the School of Aeronautics can pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics. Students can pursue concentrations in commercial aviation, military aviation and missionary aviation. The school also offers aircraft mechanic and helicopter training programs.

College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in chemistry, history and counseling. The College of Arts and Sciences has a minor in creation studies. The college is home to Liberty's theater and music programs.

Helms School of Government

The Helms School of Government has associate's, bachelor's and doctoral degrees. Popular majors include government, criminal justice and international relations. Students can minor in areas, like pre-law, politics and policy and international relations.

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

The Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary awards graduate degrees in marketplace chaplaincy, evangelism and church planting and religious studies. Master's degrees include worship studies, pastoral counseling and Christian leadership. Graduate students can earn doctorate degrees in counseling and theology and apologetics.

School of Business

Liberty's School of Business awards associate's and bachelor's degrees business and accounting. Students earning a bachelor's degree in business can specialize in economics, finance and marketing. Graduate students can earn master's degrees in accounting.

School of Communication

Students in the Liberty School of Communication can major in English, Spanish, communications studies and visual communications arts. The school has master's degrees in communications studies and English. Students can also pursue degrees in teaching English as a second language.

School of Education

Undergraduates in the Liberty University School of Education can major in elementary education, secondary education and special education. Students can purse the Master of Education and the Doctor of Education degrees. After graduation, students can seek teaching licenses in any U.S. state.

School of Engineering & Computational Sciences

The School of Engineering & Computational Sciences has degrees in electrical engineering, software engineering and industrial engineering. Students can major in computer science, management information systems and computer competency. The school has a minor available in intelligence.

School of Law

Liberty University's law school was founded in 2004. Graduates from the School of Law earn a Juris Doctor degree. The School of Law is fully accredited.

School of Religion

The School of Religion offers unique major in biblical studies, church ministries and philosophy. Students in this school can earn a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy or a Bachelor of Science in Inter-Cultural Studies. The school provides students with missionary opportunities abroad in Thailand, Bosnia and Ethiopia.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Liberty University, 1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, VA 24502
  • Phone Number: (800) 424-9595
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Find Your Program:

  1. Associate Degree

    • AA: Military History
  2. College of Arts & Sciences

    • BS: History
    • BS: Interdisciplinary Studies
  3. Helms School of Government

    • BS: Criminal Justice: Homeland Security
    • BS: Law and Policy: Pre-Law
    • BS: Public Administration
    • MA: Public Policy: Public Administration
    • MPA: Disaster Management
    • MS: Criminal Justice
    • MS: Criminal Justice: Forensic Psychology
    • MS: Criminal Justice: Homeland Security
    • MS: Political Science
  4. School of Behavioral Sciences

    • BS: Psychology
    • BS: Psychology: Addiction and Recovery
    • BS: Psychology: Developmental Psychology
    • BS: Psychology: Military Resilience
    • BS: Social Work
    • EDD: Community Care & Counseling: Marriage and Family
    • EDD: Community Care & Counseling: Traumatology
    • MA: Applied Psychology: Developmental Psychology
    • MA: Applied Psychology: Industrial Organizational Psychology
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Criminal Justice
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Crisis Response and Trauma
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Executive Leadership
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Life Coaching
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Marriage and Family
    • MA: Marriage and Family Therapy
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Community Chaplaincy
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Discipleship and Church Ministry
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Theology
    • MED: School Counseling: Teacher Licensure
    • PHD: Counselor Education and Supervision
    • MA: Human Services - Christian Ministries
    • Master of Arts in Human Services - Military Resilience
    • BS: Psychology - Christian Counseling
  5. School of Business

    • BS: Business Administration
    • BS: Business Administration: Communications
    • BS: Computer Science Cyber-Security
    • BS: Information Systems
    • BS: Information Technology: Application and Database Development
    • BS: Information Technology: Gaming Design
    • BS: Sport Management: General
    • DBA: Accounting
    • DBA: Finance
    • DBA: Healthcare Management
    • DBA: Human Resources
    • DBA: Information Systems
    • DBA: Leadership
    • DBA: Marketing
    • DBA: Non-Profit Leadership & Management
    • DBA: Project Management
    • DBA: Real Estate Development
    • DBA: Strategic Management
    • DBA: Strategic Media & Digital Content
    • DBA: Supply Chain Management & Logistics
    • MA: Executive Leadership
    • MBA: Healthcare Management
    • MBA: Marketing
    • MBA: Non-Profit Leadership & Management
    • MBA: Strategic Management
    • MS: Accounting
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Human Resources
    • MS: Project Management
    • PHD: Strategic Media
    • Doctor of Business Administration: International Business
    • Master of Arts in Public Policy - Public Administration
  6. School of Communication & Digital Content

    • MA: Communication
    • MS: Social Media Management
  7. School of Divinity

    • DMIN: Urban Ministry
    • DMN: Biblical Studies
    • EDD: Christian Leadership: Ministry Leadership
    • MA: Biblical Exposition
    • MA: Biblical Studies
    • MA: Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis)
    • MA: Sports Chaplaincy
    • MAR: Pastoral Ministry
    • MDV: Biblical Studies
    • MDV: Chaplaincy
    • MDV: Christian Leadership and Church Ministries
    • MDV: General
    • MDV: Theology
    • MDV: Youth and Family Ministries
    • Master of Arts in Human Services - Military Resilience
    • MA: Professional Counseling
    • Master of Theology - Biblical Studies
    • THM: Master Of Theology (No Thesis)
  8. School of Education

    • BED: Licensure: Elementary Education
    • BED: Licensure: Middle Education - English
    • BED: Licensure: Middle Education - Social Sciences
    • BED: Licensure: Special Education
    • BS: Early Childhood Education in Interdisciplinary Studies
    • BS: Elementary Education in Interdisciplinary Studies
    • BS: Special Education in Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Elementary Education (Online)
    • Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Middle Grades Education (Online)
    • Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Secondary Education (Online)
    • Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Special Education (Online)
    • EDD: Educational Leadership
    • MAT: Elementary Education
    • MAT: Middle Grades Education
    • MAT: Secondary Education
    • MAT: Special Education
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Urban Education
    • PHD Education: Educational Law
    • PHD: Higher Education Administration: Education Leadership
    • Doctor of Education - Curriculum and Instruction
    • Doctor Of Education - Leadership
  9. School of Health Sciences

    • MPH: Health Promotion
    • Master of Public Health Global Health
  10. School of Healthcare

    • BS: Respiratory Therapy (RRT to BSRT)
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: 42-hour
  11. School of Law

    • BS: Paralegal Studies
    • MS Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership
    • MS: Criminal Justice: Cybercrime Investigation

Liberty University Online Locations

Liberty University offers a wide range of programs that can be taken online. The advantages to online learning are that you can work at your own pace and learn from anywhere. For more information about specific programs, please click here.