Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University Admissions and School Information

Located one mile from the geographical center of the state in Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) was founded as a teachers college in 1911. Popular, innovative programs include recording industry, concrete industry management and aerospace.

General Information about Middle Tennessee State University

Serving about 23,000 students, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is the second largest institution of higher learning in Tennessee; nevertheless, it maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of only 22:1. The university has established 'nine chairs of excellence' that bring leading scholars to the campus in a wide range of disciplines, including experts in education, equine science and first amendment studies. Blue Raiders athletics, a wide range of student organizations and on-campus cultural offerings enhance student life.

MTSU's Center for Historic Preservation fosters appreciation for Tennessee's century-old farms, Civil War sites and the state's iron industry history. With its extensive research collection and public programs, the Center for Popular Music promotes research and preservation of America's vernacular music tradition.

Admissions and Enrollment Information

The freshman application process is initiated by submitting the online or paper application for admission. Additional requirements are an official ACT report and high school transcripts or GED exam results, along with the application fee. Though students can also submit SAT scores, ACT sub-scores are used to place incoming students in math and English courses. Incoming freshman students must participate in a summer orientation session called Customs.

Middle Tennessee State University Schools and Colleges

College of Basic and Applied Science

The ten departments in this diverse college include aerospace, nursing and engineering technology. Within the engineering technology department, the concrete industry management program--an increasingly popular major--is the first of its kind in the nation. The aerospace department is one of the largest nationwide; its programs include aerospace administration, aerospace technology, maintenance and piloting.

College of Education and Behavioral Science

This college prepares graduates for a wide range of career fields that include criminal justice, human services, outdoor recreation and education. It also offers numerous teacher licensure and educational leadership programs. Attached to the college, the Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia provides client services and professional development courses, in addition to a graduate certificate program in dyslexic studies.

College of Graduate Studies

The graduate college administers the graduate certificate, master's and doctoral programs offered by the other six colleges. It is involved in coordinating graduate teaching and research assistantships. The college also offers housing assistance, visa assistance for international students and GRE preparation workshops. Recent graduate offerings include a Ph.D. in literacy and Master of Social Work programs.

College of Liberal Arts

This college encompasses 11 departments in fine arts, social sciences, foreign languages, philosophy and English. Among the academic centers it supports are the Middle East Center and Center of Excellence in Historic Preservation. The college has national award-winning programs in debate, model U.N. and model mediation.

College of Mass Communication

This college includes the School of Journalism, Department of Electronic Communication and Department of Recording Industry. Recording industry majors pursuing a B.S. choose concentrations in music business, commercial songwriting or production and technology; the department also offers an MFA in recording arts and technology. Journalism students have the option of specializing in publications and recording industry.

Jennings A. Jones College of Business

Middle Tennessee State University has thousands of business majors pursuing several different degree options. Undergraduates can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in economics and finance, management and marketing, business communication and entrepreneurship, computer information systems or accounting. The college offers a Ph.D. in economics program with specializations in monetary or labor economics.

University Honors College

The University Honors College attracts some of the highest-performing high school seniors in the state. The Paul W. Martin Sr. Honors Building, constructed in 2004, houses most of the honors events, resources and activities. Honors students also share living and learning quarters in Lyon Hall. The college is designed to create the intellectually dynamic atmosphere of a small liberal arts college within the university.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1301 East Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37132
  • Phone Number: (615) 898.2300