Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University Admissions and School Information

Located in Marquette, a small city in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Northern Michigan University (NMU) offers a full range of educational programs from certificates to master's degrees. Some of the programs offered by NMU include accounting, biology, education, art, writing, nursing and zoology.

Northern Michigan University General Information

Northern Michigan University's location near Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula provides the school's nearly 9,400 students with a rare setting of both pristine forests and a functioning city of 20,000 people. Students enrolled in many of NMU's 180 degree programs use the surroundings for science labs, artistic inspiration and community outreach experience.

Full-time students at NMU all receive notebook computers, and Wired magazine named the school one of the 'most unwired' (wireless) campuses nationwide in 2005. Northern Michigan University offers many academic achievement programs, including the Student Leader Fellowship Program, the Honors Program, as well as the Freshman Fellows program that pairs first-year students with professors for research experience. NMU is also home to the world's largest wooden dome sports facility.

Admissions and Enrollment Information

Admission criteria at NMU depend on the type of student applying. First-year college students applying for a bachelor's degree program, high school graduates for instance, must achieve at least a score of 19 on the ACT or a combined score of 900 on the SAT. NMU does not consider the writing portion of the tests for admission. Candidates must also have recomputed high school grade point averages of at least 2.25 in certain college preparatory classes that include four years each of English, social sciences, science and college prep math plus three years of a foreign language.

Academic Departments of Northern Michigan University

College of Business

Students in NMU's College of Business can choose from bachelor's degree programs in subjects that include accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing and personal finance. NMU also offers majors in business computer information systems major and ski area business management. Associate's degree students may choose from business, computer information systems, health information processing and office information assisting. The school also offers an office services certificate program.

College of Arts and Sciences

Northern Michigan University's College of Arts and Sciences offers a wide array of degree programs, including biology, economics and theatre. The College of Arts and Sciences is broken down into schools and departments, including the School of Art and Design, the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Biology and the Department of Physics. Other degree majors offered by NMU's College of Arts and Sciences include chemistry, math, computer science and occupational sciences. Students may also study geography, economics, engineering, English, history, music and political science. Degrees granted by the College of Arts and Sciences include certificates, associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees.

College of Professional Studies

The College of Professional Studies at NMU prepares students to work in education, nursing, technology, clinical sciences, criminal justice and social work. Technology and applied science programs are also offered. Many of the college's programs take students into the field for hands-on training, and students benefit from interdisciplinary study. Professionals can receive continuing education and training through career development programs, graduate programs and certification courses. Northern Michigan University is known for its education programs, and the school was originally founded as an education school.

College of Graduate Studies

NMU's College of Graduate Studies offers graduate degree and certificate programs in many fields of study, preparing students for the next level of their careers. The graduate school at NMU offers assistantships to graduate students who wish to get paid for working as research and teaching assistants. Some of the programs offered in Northern Michigan University's graduate school are nursing, creative writing, biology and education administration.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1401 Presque Isle Ave., Marquette, MI 49855
  • Phone Number: (800) 682-9797