San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University Admissions and School Information

At San Francisco State University, students can earn a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree from one of the university's nine colleges. Possible areas of study include business, creative arts, education and ethnic studies.

General Information about San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University is a public 4-year university with 30,014 students, with more than 25,000 undergraduate students. Consistently touted as a top school in the Western United States, in 2009 U.S. News & World Report ranked San Francisco State University as the 45th best master's-garnering university in the West. The university also enrolls the largest number of international students of any comprehensive higher-learning institution in the country as well as ranks second for students studying abroad for an academic year.

Founded as the San Francisco State Normal School in 1899, it was first used as a 2-year teacher-training college and was the first school in the country to require a high school diploma for admission consideration. The university went through four different names before garnering the title of San Francisco State University, which was given to the campus in 1974. Today San Francisco State University is considered one of the oldest public universities in California.

Admissions and Enrollment Information

First-time freshmen must submit high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, complete the application and send in the non-refundable application fee. Transfer students must include previous collegiate scores, completed application and application fee. Specific deadlines and forms are available for potential students on the university's website. Students applying for enrollment at San Francisco State University are encouraged to state their intended major, as the campus is considered 'impacted.' This means that normally more applications are received during the priority filing period than can be accepted.

Colleges of San Francisco State University

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences has classes based on a liberal arts program but several of its programs are focused more on professional careers. The college offers several Bachelor of Arts majors along with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. Graduate programs are also available, with Master of Arts, Master of Science or Master of Public Administration concentrations.

College of Business

With the most undergraduate degrees earned out of any of the eight colleges, the College of Business sees most of its students earn the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. The entire college awards about 1,000 bachelor's degrees and about 200 master's degrees annually. In 2004 the College of Business awarded more undergraduate degrees to Asian-Americans than any other higher-learning facility in the country and in 2009 is ranked ninth.

College of Creative Arts

In 2000, San Francisco State's College of Creative Arts was named one of the nation's top film schools by Entertainment Weekly. Those who enroll in the college can choose among broadcast and electronic communication arts, cinema, music and dance, design and industry, arts and theatre arts. Those who have graduated from the college have gone on to work for blockbuster films such as Malcolm X, Titanic, Jurassic Park and Schindler's List.

College of Education

San Francisco State University was one of the California State University system's first campuses to offer a doctorate in education. The College of Education is recognized by the state of California as one of the leading professional schools for teachers. Offering bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, the college averages more master's degrees than bachelor's.

College of Ethnic Studies

The College of Ethnic Studies began in response to the nation's longest student strike in 1968. Students of the black student union as well as the third-world liberation front organized the strike, demanding that the school establish specific departments to address inaccuracies in cultures and history. The departments now consist of American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies and Raza Studies.

College of Extended Learning

Providing continuing adult education classes for job advancement, the courses offered by the College of Extended Learning are geared toward the working professional. With numerous weekend, evening and online courses available, students can expect to be taught by professionals in the community since the college has no permanent faculty members. The college offers academic units, continuing education units and non-credit courses.

College of Health and Human Services

Created in the fall of 1994, the College of Health of Human Services has seven departments, two programs and two separate schools. In regards to the two, students are encouraged to participate in an internship training program, which is a 13-month full-time session that combines lectures and labs on campus with a 40-week off-campus internship at a clinical lab. Students can choose among several B.A. or B.S. degrees for undergrads, and the college also offers several master's degree programs, a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program and a Doctor of Physical Therapy Science degree program.

College of Humanities

The College of Humanities offers several Bachelor of Arts degrees, undergraduate and graduate certificates, Master of Arts degrees and one Master of Fine Arts degree. San Francisco State University is California's only college offering a bachelor's degree in technical and professional writing. Its Poetry Center is also one of the oldest literary resource centers in the entire country, and its archives are one of the oldest and most extensive archival collections in the world.

College of Science and Engineering

Offering a multitude of undergraduate and graduate degrees, the College of Science and Engineering is divided into seven departments: biology, chemistry and biochemistry, physics and astronomy, mathematics, computer science, engineering and geosciences. The college also awards students certificates in biotechnology, genetic engineering and meteorology for broadcasters. If students choose the College of Science and Engineering, they can work at three off-campus facilities for instruction and research assistance.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132
  • Phone Number: (415) 338-1111