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University of Notre Dame Admissions and School Information

The University of Notre Dame campus is located in Notre Dame, Indiana. The college offers up through the doctorate level in the liberal arts, science, engineering and business.

About the University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is a Catholic-run school founded in 1842 by the Congregation of the Holy Cross. The institution accepts students from all backgrounds and faiths, but admission is highly competitive. The university's incoming freshmen are mostly made up of students graduating in the top five percent of their high school classes.

The school's student population totals about 11,700, of which 8,300 are undergraduate students. Scholars who make it into the school as freshmen are required to take the courses under the First Year of Study program before advancing into their major. The University of Notre Dame offers 62 bachelor's, 32 master's and 23 doctoral degree programs across the board.

Admissions and Enrollment Information

Prospective students looking to get in to the University of Notre Dame must complete and submit a common application form along with a supplemental form, and there is an application fee as well. The university accepts submission of these materials both via mail and online; however, they urge that students submit all materials either one way or the other. Students must also provide proof of high school diploma, an official high school transcript, a secondary school record, a letter of recommendation from one or more teachers and a personal statement.

University of Notre Dame Schools

College of Arts and Letters

The oldest college of the University of Notre Dame, the College of Arts and Letters was founded in 1842. This college has 21 departments involved in the fields of humanities, art and social sciences. At any given time, this part of the school has around 3,500 students enrolled in its programs. It offers 30 undergraduate programs, 23 interdisciplinary undergraduate programs and 22 graduate programs.

College of Science

The College of Science was founded in 1865, making it the second college in the University of Notre Dame. Prior to the founding, basic science was part of the original curriculum of the university, but the necessity of a separate college became quickly apparent. Approximately 1,200 students make up the population for this section of the school. The college offers numerous programs to undergraduates and graduates alike within its five departments of biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, mathematics, physics and pre-professional studies.

The Law School

The Law School was founded in 1869, making it the oldest Catholic law school in the nation. It's also the only law school to have opened and maintained a permanent U.S. law school branch in England, which was opened in 1968. The Law School has a J.D. program and three advanced law degree programs with options for students to study abroad at the England branch while still learning about U.S. law.

College of Engineering

The University of Notre Dame College of Engineering was established in 1873 and now has a student enrollment of approximately 800 students. Overseeing the department's degree programs are the five departments of aerospace and mechanical engineering, civil engineering and geological sciences, chemical and biomolecular engineering, computer science and engineering, and electrical engineering.

School of Architecture

Established in 1898, The University of Notre Dame's School of Architecture is a small school with a student population of about 200. The college offers a single undergraduate program that spans five years for students who wish to declare an early architecture major. They also offer two master's degree programs for graduates seeking to advance their study.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School was established in 1918 and oversees the graduate programs in all the other schools on campus. The school handles the admissions process for students wishing to advance their studies within the other schools, and thus does not actually have any programs of its own.

Mendoza College of Business

Founded in 1921, the Mendoza College of Business caters to about 2,000 students. A majority of these students are of the undergraduate level. The Mendoza College of Business only offers a single undergraduate program for its students. It also offers four master's degree programs.

First Year of Studies

The First Year of Studies is a college that was established in order to provide experience to incoming students relative to the structure and flow of the University of Notre Dame. All freshmen will be a part of this college when enrolled. The college does not actually provide degree plans, but does hand down required coursework for freshmen intended to acquaint them with the school.

Contact Information

  • Address: Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
  • Phone Number: (574) 631-5000