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With total student debt topping one trillion dollars, today's college students need education that will lead to a lifetime of successful employment.

Today's students are facing:
An increasingly competitive job market.
Employers who demand technical skills.
An environment where people change careers frequently.

Our mission is to empower students through information, and we reach over 200,000 a month. We've published over 4,000 guides that help you choose an education path that leads to maximum job flexibility. We'll tell you how to compete in today's job market and get the technical skills you need to stand out. You'll learn the good and bad about degrees and careers so you can make an informed decision.

Digital Magazines (Coming Soon!)

Our digital magazines are the most comprehensive career guides on the Web and are 100% free. Each magazine focuses on a single field of study and provides you with up-to-date salary graphs and recommended education paths. Our commitment is that you will receive honest information about degrees and careers.

Our Contributors

Led by Citlali Tolia and Franco Torres, our contributors are passionate about the struggles students face and committed to giving you the information you need for career success.

About Citlali

Citlali Tolia leads the planning and development of new content for LearningPath.org. A lifelong believer in the importance of education, she developed a passion for the publishing process while pursuing a PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh. Since then, she has worked in book, magazine and online publishing as a research editor, translator and content developer.

About Franco

Franco Torres is the manager of LearningPath.org's talented team of writers and editors. Coming from a family of educators has shaped Franco into a passionate supporter of education accessibility. In addition to a degree in psychology and studies in business, he has over ten years of experience in educational publishing planning and management. In his free time, Franco enjoys camping, surfing and playing golf.

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