High School Survival Guide

A Guide to Choosing High School Electives

This article contains tips or advice for those preparing to select high school elective courses.

Becoming Involved: Starting a New High School Club

Some students find it difficult to become more involved in their high schools simply because it offers nothing that interests them. Taking some initiative and starting your own club may make all the difference.

Dealing with Difficult High School Teachers

Most students come across at least one difficult teacher throughout their high school career. Here are a few tips to help you handle the situation.

High School AP Courses-What Are They and Should I Take Them?

Taking on more work in an already stressful high school situation may sound like madness to some, but for others the payoff could be huge. This article explains AP courses, and discusses the benefits of taking them.

High School Living: Bad Food Habits and How to Change Them

Most people genuinely want to be healthier. Problem is, they don't know how. This article identifies bad habits you may have acquired over the years and, more importantly, how to stop them.

How You Can Deal With High School Stress

High school can be a pretty tough time for many students: classes become harder, you have more responsibility, you feel the need to fit in with your peers, and perhaps you even have to work. This article provides several tips on managing your...

Making The Grade: Tips for Doing Well in Your Courses

The pressure to succeed in high school can seem overwhelming to many students. This article discusses tips for doing well.

SAT ACT FAQs: What Are the SAT and ACT and How Are They Graded?

Every high school student has heard of at least one of two major standardized tests-either the SAT or the ACT. However, not all students may know what exactly they are or how they are graded. This article answers those questions.

SAT and ACT FAQs: Should I Take the SAT or the ACT?

The most famous, or infamous, standardized tests are the SAT and ACT. The question is which test should you take?

SAT and ACT FAQs: What Can I Do To Prepare for the SAT and ACT?

If you're planning on attending college, one of the first things you should be focused on is making a good grade on the one (or both) of the two most popular standardized tests-the SAT and the ACT. This article provides information on what you...

SAT and ACT FAQs: What Do I Do If My ACT or SAT Scores Are Low But My Grades Are High?

Standardized tests (SAT/ACT) can cause panic in many individuals because it is as if your college career will depend on the results. This article offers some relief to your anxiety if you are a good student with low standardized test scores.

SAT and ACT FAQs: When Should I Take the SAT and the ACT?

Making sure you are prepared to take these lengthy and difficult standardized tests is important before jumping in head first. This article explains the testing dates for SAT and ACT and and gives you an idea of the right time to take the exams.

Should You Consider an Alternative (Non-Traditional) Education?

While many people consider traditional elementary through high school to be mostly about books and tests, there are a number of emerging alternative educational programs that have quite a different perspective of what school should be. This...

The Early College High School Option

Is the traditional high school environment not meeting your needs? Perhaps enrollment in an early college high school is the answer. This article provides you information about early college high schools.

Tips for Managing Your Schedule in High School

Between schoolwork, clubs, jobs and social time, managing your time can be quite a challenge in high school and beyond. Here are some tips that may help.

Top 10 Tips for High School Dating

Developing good relationship skills early on can set the stage for successful relationships throughout the remainder of your life. Here are ten tips to keep in mind while dating in high school.

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