LearningPath.org Privacy Policy

LearningPath.org respects your privacy and does not engage in spamming practices. Following is our policy on collecting and using personal information you enter in our site.

Why would I share my personal information with LearningPath.org?

There are two reasons why you may share your personal information with us:

Reason 1: You are requesting information from a school

School information requests submitted on our site usually receive responses from the school very quickly. Schools may request that you provide your phone number and mailing and email addresses in order to contact you.

We will only share your information with the school you request info from (and/or their authorized agent). We do not redistribute, resell or share your personal information with third parties.

Reason 2: Special Content Subscriptions

You can opt to receive updates about exciting new site content or access to premium content. In these cases, we may ask you to give us your name and email address and ask that you answer a few questions about what topics interest you to ensure that the information we display is relevant and interesting to you.

You can opt-out of your LearningPath.org subscriptions at any time and for any reason. Your contact information will never be redistributed, sold or shared with third parties.

What other information does LearningPath.org gather?

When you visit our site, we automatically collect temporary, anonymous information about your visit (like date and time, IP address, browser software and operating system). This information helps us improve user experience and allows us to investigate any disruptions in service. Although LearningPath.org uses cookies to track your visit to our site, we don't use persistent cookies.

How does LearningPath.org protect my personal information?

We use computer safeguards as well as secured files and buildings to protect and control access to your personal information.

How can I learn of changes to the site's privacy policy?

Any changes to our privacy policies and information practices will be posted on our website. If changes take place, they will apply to information collected on and after the date of the policy change.

How can I contact LearningPath.org?

If you have any questions, you can reach us by email at TK or by phone at 650-488-5017.