Computer Repair Technician: Career Diploma Summary

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If computer repair is a career field that interests you, then you might want to consider earning a Diploma as a Computer Repair Technician. You could become qualified for this type of career by taking courses in networking, computer software and hardware, and electronics configuration. Read on to find out more about earning this career diploma.
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Why Earn a Computer Repair Technician Diploma?

Most employers want proof that their job applicants can perform in a job as a computer repair technician. They look for computer professionals who have some formal education to prove the job seeker's practical knowledge and abilities. By earning a Computer Repair Technician Diploma, the student will gain the attention of employers and will have access to more employment opportunities.

Career Possibilities

Computer Repair Technician Occupational Outlook and Demand

As with many other occupations in information technology, the outlook for computer repair technicians looks quite favorable, and employment for this occupation will continue to experience a growth spurt.

Computer Repair Technician Salary Information

In the first year of employment, a computer repair technician typically earns about $24,903 per year, according to

Degree Specifics

Coursework Requirements for Computer Repair Technicians

Many vocational schools offering a Computer Repair Technician Diploma program will train the student in passing certification exams, such as the Network+ and CST (Certified Software Tester) certifications. In addition, the student will be taking courses in:

  • Computer Hardware Configuration
  • Preparation for CompTIA A+ Certification
  • Concepts of PC Operating Systems
  • Networking Essentials
  • Basic Computer Electronics

Skills Learned for Computer Repair Technicians

Any school or university that offers a Computer Repair Technician Diploma program will be sure to provide the student with hands-on training. The skills learned will be helpful in obtaining an entry-level position repairing and maintaining personal computers, opening one's own business, or continuing one's education. Specific skills developed may include the following:

  • Installation and cabling of network systems
  • Testing and troubleshooting computer application and network problems
  • Understanding of digital electronics and AC/DC electronics

Popular Schools

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    1. Lincoln Tech

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    2. Penn Foster High School

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    Southwestern College

  • Inverness, FL

    Withlacoochee Technical Institute

  • Valdosta, GA

    Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

  • Winter Park, FL

    Winter Park Tech

  • Waco, GA

    West Georgia Technical College

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