University of Missouri

University of Missouri Admissions and General School Information

The University of Missouri is a 4-year, public educational institution located in Columbia. The school currently offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas including journalism, medicine, life sciences and agriculture.

University of Missouri General Information

The University of Missouri at Columbia (Mizzou) has a student population of 30,130 and a student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1. Mizzou is the largest university in the state of Missouri and was founded in 1839.

Mizzou was the first university established west of the Mississippi River. The University of Missouri is only one of a handful of schools in the United States to have a school of law, veterinary medicine and medicine all on campus.

Admissions and Enrollment Information

Application procedures vary according to the type of applicant. Freshman applicants are encouraged to schedule a campus tour to find out more about the admissions process and financial aid packages. If interested, they should then complete an online application and include high school transcripts. Transfer students should include transcripts of all post-secondary schools attended. About four out of five of Mizzou's students receive financial aid. Incoming students can visit the Mizzou website to learn more about financial aid programs and scholarships.

University of Missouri Colleges

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources is known for its diverse programs in the life sciences. Currently, the college serves 2,100 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students with degree programs in 15 areas. A key feature of the college is the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station, which is used for research by students and faculty. The School of Natural Resources is located within the college.

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences was the university's first college and also its largest. Currently, the college offers 9,000 different undergraduate and graduate majors. The various departments and schools are housed in 60 buildings and spread out across the University of Missouri campus. The School of Music, which is housed in the college, is home to the the Missouri Youth Orchestra and the Missouri String Project.

Trulaske College of Business

The Trulaske College of Business is the second largest college at the school, with approximately 4,000 enrolled students. The college was established in 1914 and is known for offering Ph.D.s in business-oriented fields. Housed within the college, the School of Accountancy offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

College of Education

The College of Education has a total of 2,738 students and offers 780 bachelor's, master's, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The counseling psychology program has been ranked sixth in the nation by Academic Analytics, and the college as a whole has been ranked 23rd by the Association of American Universities. Established in 1997, the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, which is part of the college, offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in educational technology and library science.

College of Engineering

The first civil engineering class to be taught at the University of Missouri was in 1849. Since that first class, the college has grown to offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in eight different areas of engineering. The college also has programs in information technology and computer science.

Graduate School

The Graduate School at the University of Missouri oversees all graduate degree programs offered at the university. The school also provides administrative support for interdisciplinary graduate programs in nuclear science and genetics.The Harry. S. Truman School of Public Affairs is part of the Graduate School and offers two graduate programs in public affairs and administration.

School of Health Professions

The School of Health Professions is the state's only health professions school. The school is a part of the University of Missouri Health System, which also includes the Sinclair School of Nursing, University Hospitals and Clinics, the School of Medicine and University Physicians. Since 2002, enrollment at the school has increased 95%. The school's programs include nuclear medicine and health psychology.

College of Environmental Sciences

The College of Environmental Sciences offers degree programs in areas such as social work, textile and apparel management, financial planning and architectural studies. Several labs, such as the exercise physiology lab, the textile production lab and the child development lab, give students the opportunity to gain valuable, real world experience. The School of Social Work was established in 1906 and is part of the College of Environmental Sciences.

School of Journalism

The School of Journalism was established in 1908 and is recognized as being the first journalism school in the world. Many graduates have gone on to win Pulitzer Prizes and other awards. Currently, the school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism. An online Master of Arts in Journalism is also available; students in this program can major in media management or strategic communication.

School of Law

The School of Law offers the J.D. and an LL.M. in Dispute Resolution. In addition to these two programs, the School of Law is home to the Center for Dispute Resolution. The goal of the Center for Dispute Resolution is to understand conflict in a variety of contexts and to inform the decision making process by using dispute resolution techniques.

School of Medicine

Established 160 years ago, the School of Medicine has approximately 1,000 residents, fellows and medical students seeking advanced degrees. Currently, there are over 650 scientists and faculty physicians at the medical school. The school has 21 departments in areas such as biochemistry, radiology, psychiatry and surgery.

Sinclair School of Nursing

The Sinclair School of Nursing has a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in nursing, including a Doctor of Nursing Practice. The nursing program was always a component of the Parker Memorial Hospital Training School at Mizzou, but it wasn't officially established until 1920. The nursing school did not become a separate division until 1973.

College of Veterinary Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1946. Currently, the college is comprised of three academic departments, which include biomedical sciences, veterinary pathobiology and veterinary medicine and surgery. To date, a total of 3,000 students have graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine. The college is known for saving the endangered African elephant by developing an artificial insemination technique.

Contact Information

  • Address: 105 Jesse Hall, Columbia, Missouri 65211
  • Phone Number: (573) 882-2121