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Description and Tips for the Language Arts-Reading Section of the GED

Reasoning Through Language Arts is one of four test sections on the General Education Development, or GED Test that most states offer for people who want to earn a high school equivalency diploma. Read on to learn more about the test, and for...

Description and Tips for the Mathematics Section of the GED

The mathematics section is one of four sections of the GED exam. This article presents information that will help you while taking this portion of the exam.

Description and Tips for the Science Section of the GED

The Science section of the General Educational Development or GED test is one of four separate tests you need to pass to earn your high school equivalency certificate. Most employers, colleges and post-secondary schools accept a GED...

Description and Tips for the Social Studies Section of the GED

The social studies section is one of four subtests of the GED exam. This article will help you to prepare for the social studies section of the GED exam.

General Tips For Organizing Study Time and Tips Just Before the GED

The GED is composed of four different sections that require different types of studying. Still, there are some types of studying that benefit you regardless of the section of the exam. This article discusses general studying methods that help...

How Do I Register for the GED?

Deciding to take the GED is an excellent first step to furthering your education. Studying for the test is the next major step. But what if you feel confident in your abilities and want to finally take the GED? This article explains what happens...

How to Study for the GED From Home

Most states allow potential GED candidates to study from the comfort of home. Read below for some hints and resources on how to study for the test from home.

Scoring on the GED Test

Whether you are currently studying for the GED, or still debating whether or not to take the test, you probably are wondering how the test is graded. This article answers the question of how they grade the GED.

Tips for Handling Different GED Exam Formats

The GED exam is made up of of four sections. The format of each section's test can be very different. Still, multiple choice answers and essay questions are formats you will undoubtedly encounter. This article presents ways of dealing with these...

What Are the Pros and Cons of Studying for the GED at Home?

When deciding whether or not to study for the GED from home, a person should consider if he or she has the self-discipline to buckle-down and focus on the task at hand.

What Do Employers and Colleges Think About the GED?

The General Educational Development exam (GED) is an excellent first step in reaching your future financial and personal goals. However, what if you want to go to college or apply for a particular job? Will the GED be accepted? Read this article...

What is the GED and How is it Structured?

The GED is a certificate which proves the recipient has achieved the equivalent of a high school education. This article provides an in-depth description of what the GED is and what it consists of.

What to Expect on GED Test Day

Preparing for the GED is just part of the process of taking the GED. GED test centers have admission rules as well as test taking rules that must be adhered to. This article describes what GED test day will be like and how to prepare for it.

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