Free Online Art History Courses from Top Universities

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Perhaps the best way to appreciate art is to understand it. Try these online course materials to gain college-level knowledge of art history and art analysis without paying college-level fees.
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Free Art History Courses

Here are some online Art History courses offered free by two top universities: Open University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Open University

The Open University offers several courses focusing on specific art history topics. For example, the Helen Langdon's 'Caravaggio' course analyzes both Langdon's biography of the famous Italian artist and the role of biographical monographs in art history. Meanwhile, the Goya course looks upon Goya's career, work, and inspiration.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT's Open Courseware has a couple of art history classes. Modern Art and Mass Culture is an introduction to modern art and relevant theories. Art Since 1940 explores the art world from post World War II to the present, and it necessarily examines the relationship between art and politics.

Free Online Art History Courses at a Glance

Course & SchoolProgram LevelFormatAssignmentsQuizzes & ExamsDownloadable
Helen Langdon's 'Caravaggio' course from Open UniversityAdvancedText LessonsYesNoYes
Goya course from Open UniversityIntermediateText LessonsYesNoYes
Delacroix course from Open UniversityBeginnerText LessonsYesNoYes
Napoleonic Paintings course from Open UniversityIntermediateText LessonsYesNoYes
Musée du Louvre course from Open UniversityIntermediateText Lessons, VideoYesNoYes
Modern Art and Mass Culture course from MITUndergraduateText LessonsYesYesYes
Art Since 1940 course from MITUndergraduateText LessonsYesNoYes

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